Kami adalah distributor terkemuka di Jakarta sejak 2011, Kami menawarkan selet sensors untuk produk-produk inductive sensors, capacitive sensor, magnetic sensor dan photoelectric sensor serta encoders. Kami melayani ke seluruh wilayah di Indonesia untuk produk-produk mekanikal, elektrikal, elektronik dan otomasi lainnya.

Silahkan segera hubungi kami jika Anda ada kebutuhan barang-barang tersebut untuk segera kami bantu dengan senang hati.


Connection technology | PILZ

Pilz products are interconnected and are compatible with products and interfaces from other manufacturers. They fit perfectly into your plant environment and also enable Pilz components to be retrofitted to your plant.

That’s why in addition to a wide range of Pilz products and systems we also offer a variety of compatible accessories, enabling sensors, decentralised I/O systems and centralised relays and control devices to be interconnected.

Select the appropriate accessory for your requirement and simply assemble your individual system solution!


All in one: Automation solutions for your plant or machinery

We automate plant and machinery worldwide, always with the ambition of offering the best solution for you, our customers. In the process, safety and automation functions at Pilz are merging into one solution: All in one.

With just one click you can find out more about our scalable solutions for every requirement – from sensor technology through to control and drive technology.


Safety concept for machinery

Pilz safety concepts are based on the individual requirements of the customer. Using our tried and tested methodologies, our safety concepts enable safe interaction between operators or maintenance personnel and machinery – without affecting productivity.

To remain competitive, as a manufacturer you need an effective, practicable safety concept when using new machinery or converting an existing machine. This must not restrict your machines’ productivity.

You need a safety concept that’s individually tailored to your requirements. Of course, its implementation should not involve any unnecessary extra work.

Based on the machine risk assessment that has already been carried out, the safety concept is where we develop detailed solution proposals for the technical implementation. That way we guarantee the safety of your machinery in accordance with national and international standards as well as your own corporate standards.

The Pilz safety concept (for machinery) considers:

  • Use of fixed and movable guards
  • Implementation of a safety-related plant and machine controller
  • Devices for safe standstill and shutdown of electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and other potential energy sources
  • Detection of workers in danger zones
  • Definition of the required performance level (PLr) for safety-related measures or safety functions

Products and Industries

You do not want to make compromises in the automation of your machine or system? Our innovative and proven solutions will help you reach your goal! Pilz products and systems are now used worldwide. Our offer ranges from sensor technology to control and drive technology.

We track our origins to control technology, as we have pioneered PLC control systems and were one of the first suppliers worldwide. Today we are automation specialists who are committed to safety.

We are represented on all continents to help you – you can benefit from our experience directly on site. Our strength is our global team of experts who work on your project.

It’s important for us to take a holistic approach to your projects. Our automation solutions consider the safety requirements of your machines and plants from the beginning – according to the current standards and laws.

Our components and systems have passed approvals and tests worldwide. This avoids resource-intensive re-adjustment during the project. With us you have the optimum merger of safe and standard automation!


Smart Factories – Industri 4.0

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a concept that originated in Germany (where it is known as and is often used to describe data-driven, AI-powered, networked  as the harbingers of the fourth industrial revolution. This predicted transition of manufacturing processes and technologies is based on these core principles: 

  • The pervasive networking of people, machines and “things” in physical and virtual realms
  • Leveraging data through tools and systems that expose the data’s value to drive production efficiency and flexibility 
  • Increasing product quality and improving speed-to-market through pre-production virtual testing .
  • AI-assisted and data-driven planning, production, manufacturing, and maintenance

Pilz at home in every industry

Faster, more flexible, safer – the increasing level of automation on plant and machinery means that the demands on production and protection systems are also increasing.

As a complete supplier for control and safety technology, Pilz can provide one-stop automation solutions. Pilz has extensive expertise in a wide range of applications. We’ll work with you to implement an optimum automation solution, taking into account all the standards and directives applicable worldwide. Talk to us about your individual solution.

We have compiled just some of our successes under Success stories. Here you can discover where our products and solutions are already in use and what our customers say about us!


Human-robot collaboration

The closer human and machine work together, the more efficient work practices become. However, safe interaction between human and robot increasingly demands new technologies and solutions. Also, the demands on safety increase, the closer human and machine get to each other.

To verify the required safety level, the entire safety function must be considered – from the sensor to the logic and beyond to the actuator. Safe human-robot collaboration (HRC) can only be guaranteed when all these factors interact in a coordinated manner.

Each robot application must be considered individually in terms of safety. Pilz provides support with a range of services tailored to the individual life phases of a robot system: From application analysis to risk assessment in accordance with EN ISO 12100, through to CE marking.

Our safety solutions meet the specifications of DIN EN ISO 10218-2 and ISO/TS 15066. And to complete the range of services, we have a range of training courses on robot safety.


Safe Automation in the packaging Industry

Efficient and economical packaging processes require a high level of automation. At the same time, the Machinery Directive is making basic demands on the functional safety of packaging machines.. In practice it’s about reconciling safety, automation and cost effectiveness. Using our safe sensorscontrol systems and drives, including the appropriate software for configuration, diagnostics and maintenance, offers a high potential for savings and increases in productivity.

When implementing your automation projects we support you with our industry experience and our comprehensive range of products and services in the packaging industry. Opt for complete automation solutions with totally compatible components from Pilz.

The new opportunities offered by Industrie 4.0, with its simplified operation and maintenance of packaging plants, can improve cost effectiveness. Guaranteeing safety for man and machine is a key issue in reducing the TCO – total cost of ownership (TCO). An individual safety concept for your packaging machines is critical for optimised operation; this applies whether it is a primary packagingsecondary packaging or end packaging . Initially, the field of Industrial Security – in particular the protection of sensitive data in networked plants, is playing an increasingly more important role.

One of the most important indicators for high productivity and therefore cost-effectiveness in packaging technology is overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
It determines the added value of a packaging line and can demonstrate a plant’s productivity at a glance.
Safe automation solutions are the basis for optimum overall equipment effectiveness. So not only does machinery safety provide protection against avoidable accidents, it also contributes towards an economical packaging process – because downtimes are reduced, for example.


Gate. System. Safety.

Benefit from an economical series connection, rapid diagnostics, additional control and pushbutton elements plus an optional escape release. Are you looking for an individual safety gate solution that’s perfectly tailored to your application? Our modular safety gate system allows you the flexibility to combine individual components to suit your requirements.

Obtain information at the virtual exhibition: Safely monitoring safety gates

With our modular safety system, you can protect your employees from hazardous machine movements thanks to individual safety gate solutions. In addition to the protection of your employees from the machine, the machine should be protected from unauthorised access. You want to know how this works? This is simple: Use the modular safety system with the access permission system PITreader. This way you regulate the safe access and also the access permission of your machine, and you protect it from unauthorised access. Together with the configurable safe small controller PNOZmulti 2 you obtain a safe and economical complete solution.

Safety gate sensor PSENslock

The non-contact safety gate sensors PSENslock provide secure safety gate monitoring and a non-contact magnetic interlock (500 or 1000 N) in just one unit. With this combination of safe position monitoring and process guarding, PSENslock units are designed for universal use – up to the highest category – and are also suitable for series connection.

Safety gate sensor PSENmlock

The secure safety gate sensor PSENmlock has a holding force of 7500 N and offers safe interlocking and safe guard locking in just one product. This is possible because the guard locking has dual-channel operation. As a result the switch is particularly suitable for machines with a hazardous overrun, on which safe guard locking up to PL d or PL e is required.

More information about the PSENmlock