PMCtendo DD – Servo amplifier from PILZ

The PMCtendo SZ synchronous motor from Pilz is designed specifically for on-board axes and installations where space is limited. It is known for its extremely smooth running characteristics, which is crucial in applications where precision and low vibration are important. Operates on synchronous motor principles, ensuring precise control and synchronization with the drive system.

Suitable for installation in confined spaces, making it ideal for applications where space is limited or where a compact motor is necessary. Known for its extremely smooth running, which is beneficial for applications requiring low vibration and high precision. Typically used in on-board axes, which implies it can be integrated into machinery and equipment where mobility or compactness is a consideration. Safety solution provider since 2011

Pilz is known for its quality and reliability in automation technology, ensuring that the PMCtendo SZ meets rigorous standards for performance and durability. PMCtendo SZ synchronous motor combines compactness with smooth operation, catering to applications where both space constraints and high performance are critical factors.

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