Pt. Felcro Indonesia is a company that has main work on electrical and automation systems industry. Our company not only works for the sole purpose of profit, but we also would like to introduce the technology of electrical and automation systems to the younger generation in order to make it more popular and have future prospects. Now we keep trying to improve our products so that we gain positive response from the customers and prospects. With it, we turn to open more opportunities to those who want to establish cooperation with us through distributorship or become our agents. This is what makes us so focused and persistent to achieve our goals. The best pilz e-stop in Indonesia

The era of the global market and free trade, which is filled with many challenges, has inspired us to make advancements, innovations, and improvements by offering the best feasible solutions for customer automation needs. This commitment has been shown throughout the years with various product innovations and engineering services. Starting in 2011, we are committed to taking our company to a higher level by offering much more standardized products and services and creating an alliance with a world automation giant. With this alliance, we hope to bring more technology transfer and build a more comprehensive industry in Indonesia in the near future. The best pilz e-stop in Indonesia