On this type of machinery, some of the more complex problems occur; for example, it has been known for certain moulding machines to continue to function even after the cycle has been aborted. Other examples are with CNC machinery where reprogramming the function of a switch can cause an unwanted result. In the case of the injection moulding machine, the end result was destruction of the product and possibly damage to the machine itself. The relevance to relay failure will become clear throughout this article, but relays are mainly found in older machinery replacing a mechanical switch. Nowadays, relays are on the verge of becoming obsolete with the advent of solid state switches, but there are still many relays in operation, particularly in developing countries. The prediction of relay life expectancy is also quite difficult due to the various types of relays and applications, so it is not uncommon to find relays in operation today which were manufactured in the 1950s. Step one to preventing problems like this is using safe relays. The best distributor pilz indonesia

This same situation could identify numerous safety functions. Changing the flooring to a material with more grip or laying down absorbent mats are examples of prevention functions. The use of automation equipment to lift containers and slip them to a dry location may be considered a control function, and any injury prevention measures would be monitoring functions. These are all functions that can serve to mitigate the same risk. The best distributor pilz indonesia

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of safety in industrial environments is the machinery: how to keep hands and fingers from getting pinched, crushed or otherwise injured. This is a very important concern, of course, and there exists a wide array of products designed to keep machine operators’ body parts safe from moving parts. But what if the danger is not in the form of pinching, crushing or cutting? A very common type of machinery that falls under this category is a plastic injection moulding machine. This is a complicated piece of equipment with no less than twenty or thirty types of machine functions such as motors, heaters, solenoids, relays, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. All these functions are geared towards one goal: to produce a product. The best distributor pilz indonesia