myPNOZ – the new, modular safety relay

The new modular safety relay myPNOZ is produced individually according to your requirements in batch size 1. An easy-to-use device that’s flexible in application and boasts clever features, it ensures reliable monitoring of your safety functions. The German Innovation Award honours products and solutions that distinguish themselves primarily by their user centricity and added value compared to earlier solutions, across all industrial sectors. After all: innovations that shape the future and improve life can be found in all sectors. Sometimes you see it at first glance – but quite often you don’t. That’s what the German Innovation Award wants to change. It makes magnificent achievements visible to a wide audience. The jury is composed of independent, interdisciplinary experts from industry, science, institutions and finance.

With the user-friendly myPNOZ Creator, you simply create your individual myPNOZ. You choose the required safety functions, and myPNOZ Creator puts the ideal hardware together. You can check your configuration with the simulation function. If everything fits, your myPNOZ is ordered with just a few quick clicks. Each myPNOZ is tailor-made and pre-assembled by us in batch size 1 according to your individual configuration. We also set the parameters to suit your specifications, e.g. regarding the start type or time delay. Your modular relay will be sent to you following a system test.

Tailor-made safety and clever product features are convincing features of the modular safety relay. It consists of a head module and a maximum of eight expansion modules and ensures safe monitoring of 2 to 16 input functions such as emergency stop, safety gates, safety light curtains, two-hand IIIA/C controls and enabling switches.

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