Safe Automation in the packaging Industry

Efficient and economical packaging processes require a high level of automation. At the same time, the Machinery Directive is making basic demands on the functional safety of packaging machines.. In practice it’s about reconciling safety, automation and cost effectiveness. Using our safe sensorscontrol systems and drives, including the appropriate software for configuration, diagnostics and maintenance, offers a high potential for savings and increases in productivity.

When implementing your automation projects we support you with our industry experience and our comprehensive range of products and services in the packaging industry. Opt for complete automation solutions with totally compatible components from Pilz.

The new opportunities offered by Industrie 4.0, with its simplified operation and maintenance of packaging plants, can improve cost effectiveness. Guaranteeing safety for man and machine is a key issue in reducing the TCO – total cost of ownership (TCO). An individual safety concept for your packaging machines is critical for optimised operation; this applies whether it is a primary packagingsecondary packaging or end packaging . Initially, the field of Industrial Security – in particular the protection of sensitive data in networked plants, is playing an increasingly more important role.

One of the most important indicators for high productivity and therefore cost-effectiveness in packaging technology is overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
It determines the added value of a packaging line and can demonstrate a plant’s productivity at a glance.
Safe automation solutions are the basis for optimum overall equipment effectiveness. So not only does machinery safety provide protection against avoidable accidents, it also contributes towards an economical packaging process – because downtimes are reduced, for example.

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