Customised E-STOP for the smart factory

With PITestop active, Pilz has a new range of E-STOP pushbuttons that can be activated electrically. These E-STOP pushbuttons use illumination to signal whether or not they are active. This makes PITestop active the right solution for mobile panels or for plant and machinery in which plant sections are moved. It means that machinery can be designed with greater flexibility.

PITestop active makes it easier to handle and identify inactive machine parts and control units. This is particularly important when machines are close together, as their effective range can now be defined more narrowly. Inactive machine parts, on an interlinked machine for example, can simply be switched off completely, so reducing your plant’s energy consumption.

The automation of the future demands solutions that guarantee high availability on flexible plant concepts and are easy to manage. These properties are all combined in the automation system PSS 4000. Conventional automation uses a single, central controller to monitor the plant or machine and to process all the signals. With the automation system PSS 4000 you can network multiple controllers in accordance with the Multi-Master principle and yet each one runs autonomously. Your programming is independent from the hardware and you can decide later whether a function is to run in various controllers or just in one controller. This saves you time when programming and avoids errors. The optimum solution for modular and flexible plants in accordance with the Industrie 4.0 benchmark.

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