Machinery safety in the workplace

The continuing safety of your machine operators is the top priority. Plant and machine operators are confronted with the challenge of taking all the necessary safety measures to ensure this safety. Pilz offers you a comprehensive range of services for the standard-compliant analysis and optimisation of your safety status in the workplace.

As a plant operator, Pilz’s plant assessment and subsequent reports provide you with sound information about the safety status of your machinery. That includes recommendations and priorities for any required improvements

Are your production plants constantly undergoing changes? Or do you use new machines alongside older ones? Then you face the challenge of prioritising risk management with regard to health, safety and environmental hazards and of implementing safety strategies.

An analysis of your machines’ workflow will help. That way you can identify the key potential hazards. Based on the safety analysis we show you the additional measures needed to comply with legal requirements.

Our plant assessment of the machinery encompasses an on-site assessment with subsequent evaluation of the machinery’s condition and a formal presentation of our findings. We use a structured risk assessment for this purpose. This approach yields sufficient data and information to enable us to assess the key compliance and safety factors in your plant. All machines are assessed using a multi-parameter analysis. This will give you an estimate and priority list of the safety requirements needed for each machine.

The plant assessment includes:

  • Analysis of the hazards at individual machines
  • Assessment of the existing measures to minimise risk
  • Assessment of the machines’ compliance with applicable regulations
  • Checking the options for implementing safety functions on a machine
  • Priority list and recommendations for how to make improvements on the machinery