Supreme Multitasking

As part of a retrofit, the production furnace manufacturer Aksoylar Robotik pursued its aim of converting its roller hearth furnaces to the state of the art in terms of operability, monitoring and safety. With the burner management system that was installed previously it was not possible to network the control units of the individual furnaces. What’s more, status, process and diagnostic data could not be displayed consistently, as desired, nor could error messages be assigned and rectified quickly. With the safe small controller PNOZmulti 2, which has been adapted to the special needs of heat treatment furnaces, customers of Aksoylar Robotik can now safely monitor and simultaneously control multiple burners, plus the whole furnace, in one system.

The roller hearth furnaces from Aksoylar are equipped with multiple burners and are used for the specific heat treatment of metals such as steel and aluminium. They are flexible and intended for use in a variety of industrial applications. With safe monitoring of individual burners and simultaneous control of the entire furnace via the burner solution – in other words via a single safety system – for Aksoylar Robotik, it was the solution of choice. Using the software function block on the small controller, which electronically emulates the extended functionality of an automatic burner control, specific burner applications can be configured easily. For example, typical requirements include the control of safety, ignition and exhaust valves or the monitoring of combustion air pressure, flame, ignition and much more. The result: safe operation of burners, stable processes and, above all, high-quality production results in the roller hearth furnace.

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