Save costs by retrofitting

When retrofits are planned and implemented on a sound basis, older machines can be equipped with the latest electrical, control and safety technology. The costs are considerably less than buying new. The retrofit not only makes the machine safe again, but also increases its productivity and availability. If production is back running efficiently and smoothly, then the retrofit pays for itself in no time.

Increase your productivity significantly by upgrading your machinery to the state of the art! You need to do this because safety defects can develop on plant and machinery after many years of service. For example, protective measures may become obsolete and be manipulated. The control and drive technology is often outdated while the mechanical components are still fully intact.

Flexibility in production is indispensable these days. Plant and machinery must be expanded or retrofitted to react quickly to new market opportunities. Expanding or retrofitting old machinery is often very cost-effective too. Exploit the potential of retrofitting! Pilz is the partner you should consult with when modifying your plant and machinery or having the changes approved. Because even with a retrofit: machinery safety must still be guaranteed.

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