Safety relays | MyPNOZ

Once everything is tested and working correctly, finalize the project. Generate any necessary documentation for installation and maintenance purposes. Implement the designed safety solution in your physical setup according to the documentation generated. Conduct thorough testing of the implemented safety solution to ensure it meets safety standards and regulations. Obtain any necessary certifications for compliance.

Determine the outputs needed for each safety zone. Outputs may include control signals for door locks, machine stop signals, or other safety-related actions. Ensure that each output is associated with the corresponding safety zone. Set up the logic for each safety zone independently. Determine the safety functions required for each zone, such as Emergency Stop, Guard Monitoring, or Two-Hand Control. Configure the logic to implement these safety functions based on the inputs and outputs assigned to each zone.

mplement interlocking logic between safety zones to prevent conflicting safety actions. For example, ensure that activating the Emergency Stop in one zone deactivates the outputs of other zones to prevent unintended machine movements. Test and simulate the logic for each safety zone to verify its behavior under different scenarios. Use the simulation feature in myPNOZ Creator to identify and address any potential safety risks or issues.

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