Protection system PSENvip

The Long-Range version PSENvip R LR is the first and only protection system for press brakes with a protected area of up to 18 metres. This makes it ideal for monitoring special purpose presses such as tandem presses, for example. The installation of PSENvip R LR on existing presses is quick and easy: the transmitter remains the same, you only have to swap the receiver. Monitor your tandem press with just one protection system; there’s no need to combine a mobile protection system and light curtains.

With the Long-Range version you also have a hot-pluggable protection system: If you place two press brakes next to one another, you can simply remove the transmitter and receiver in the centre. The transmitter from machine 1 then works with the receiver from machine 2 – without having to restart! You thus avoid unnecessary downtimes with PSENvip R LR. Furthermore, the Long-Range version of the PSENvip is convincing thanks to its usual high level of robustness.

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