PNOZ X safety fro every function | PILZ

The PNOZ X electromechanical floating contact relays offer safety functions such as emergency stop, safety gate monitoring, light curtain monitoring, and more. They are designed to meet safety standards and regulations and are suitable for use in machinery and automation systems where safety is paramount.

The PNOZ X range from Pilz is a series of safety relays designed to monitor safety functions such as emergency stop, safety gates, light barriers, and more. The “e” in PNOZ X PL e denotes that these safety relays are certified for performance level e according to ISO 13849-1, which is a high level of safety integrity. This means they’re suitable for applications requiring a high degree of safety, such as in machinery and industrial automation where the consequences of failure could be severe.

These safety relays ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations while providing reliable and efficient safety monitoring for machinery and automation systems.

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