Danger clearly identified

The safe solution applied at EuroChem comprises a radar system and PSSuniversal PLC controller from the automation system PSS 4000. Six radar sensors are attached to each of the conveyor’s six discharge points. They reliably detect all movements in the surrounding area. Each discharge point has its own control unit, which interprets the sensors’ signals and is used to configure the warning and danger zones. PSS 4000 collects the status messages from all the control units, as well as the E-STOP pushbutton and rope pull switch. And a signal tower now displays the respective current hazard status: whether someone is approaching a danger source, whether a sensor is “blanked” – perhaps by an object, which misaligns the sensor – or whether the position of the sensor itself changes, intentionally or by accident – during cleaning work, for example. After the upgrade, efficient workflows and safety are accounted for in equal measure.

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