Brake control | PNOZsigma – safety relays

The PNOZsigma series is a range of safety relays developed by Pilz, a German company specializing in automation technology. These safety relays are widely used in industrial applications to ensure the safety of machines and processes. One of the key functions of safety relays in general, including those in the PNOZsigma series, is to monitor safety-related functions and initiate appropriate actions to prevent or minimize risks. Safety relays can monitor the electrical circuits associated with braking systems. This includes checking for faults such as short circuits or open circuits in the brake wiring.

t’s important to note that the specific features and functionalities may vary depending on the model within the PNOZsigma series and the requirements of the application. Users should refer to the product documentation, manuals, and guidelines provided by Pilz for detailed information on the capabilities and usage of the particular safety relay model they are working with. These safety relays can be integrated into the overall control system of the machinery, allowing for seamless communication and coordination with other safety and control components.

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