Speed monitor PNOZ s30 from Pilz with a new analogue output – Making safe turns easy

From Version 3.0, the speed monitor PNOZ s30 from the safety relay PNOZsigma product group has a new feature: a configurable analogue output, which makes diagnostics more user-friendly. PNOZ s 30 from Pilz safely monitors standstill, speed, speed range, direction of rotation and broken shear pin up to the highest category PL e/SIL CL 3.

The ability to work safely while the safety gate is open, reduced set-up times and faster access to the machine once standstill is initiated are key benefits for the user when the PNOZ s30 is employed. PNOZ s30 is suitable for all common drive/motor feedback systems and proximity switches on the market.

Safer switching – more productive manufacturing
The new analogue output forwards the safely measured speed to the PLC controller as a proportional 0-20 or 4-20 mA signal, so that the speed can be used directly for process monitoring. The safely monitored speed can be displayed and tracked directly on operating and monitoring devices such as the Pilz PMI operator terminals (Pilz Machine Interface). PNOZ s30 also uses a safe output signal to indicate when values exceed or fall below defined warning thresholds. As a result, unnecessary shutdown processes can be avoided and productivity increased.

Commissioning: Logically faster
Up to three safety functions such as “Safe Operating Stop” or “Safe Speed Monitoring”, for example, can be logically linked through AND and OR connections; AND / OR can also be combined. This reduces potential wiring errors and enables faster commissioning.

Even “slow turns” are safely under control
Also, the speed monitor’s broken shear pin monitoring takes effect at a frequency of 10 mHz, instead of the previous 70 mHz. This enables monitoring beyond the normal speeds, to include extremely slow running speed applications.

Configuration can handle it all
The PNOZ s30 is conveniently operated via a rotary knob (“push and turn”). When combined with the illuminated display it saves time during commissioning and when exchanging devices. The display shows the set limit values and parameters as well as the current speed.
The speed monitor provides advance warning when a defined warning threshold is reached.

  • Motion monitoring all-encompassing
    Pilz offers a broad portfolio in terms of speed monitoring: The speed monitor PNOZ s30 is a stand-alone product for speed monitoring. If additional safety functions in the application are to be monitored, the motion monitoring modules of the configurable small controllers PNOZmulti can be used. If short reaction times and expanded safety functions such as safe brake functions on vertical axes are required, Pilz can offer the drive-integrated safety solution PMC. The automation system PSS 4000 for safety and automation can be used for speed monitoring on networked machines.


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