Safety sensors

The Pilz PSENslock, the safety gate system with process guarding, and PSENmlock, the safety gate system with mechanical guard locking, are also integral components of the safety concept. While PSENslock offers safe position monitoring with process guard locking in a single system, PSENmlock can be used up to the highest category thanks to safe interlocking and safe guard locking for the protection of personnel and processes. On the crack testing machine, PSENslock is used to safeguard position: as material is fed in, the switch checks that the necessary holding force of the electromagnet has been established and therefore the loading carriage is standing firm. The safety gate system PSENmlock ensures safe monitoring and safe guard locking on fourteen safety gates: it guarantees safe mechanical guard locking, protecting personnel in the immediate environment.

Rhode + Wagner values the flexible, easily adaptable approach of PITmode fusion: “It means we can guarantee to our customers that plants have the very latest safety technology. At the same time they benefit from higher availability of their machinery”, says Holger Wagner. For this reason, all future plants that need to switch between different control sequences and operating modes are to be equipped with the innovative operating selection and access permission system from Pilz.

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