t Pilz, we see safety validation as an essential process to ensure your machinery is safe and aligned to the necessary standards and regulations. Our specialists are knowledgeable in providing an objective and systematic validation procedure. You can also rely on our practical experience to assess and implement safety on your plant. We can guarantee that your machinery’s safety requirements are examined and validated it against the safety requirements specification.

Want to know whether the defined machine safeguarding is implemented correctly or if the safety related control system of your machinery designed and implemented are according to the required safety specifications? You can check it with Pilz’s safety validation!

Using the latest safety technology in our safety relays PNOZsigma, you can can be both cost effective and achieve maximum safety, thanks to the emergency stop relay.

The PNOZsigma allows you to benefit the maximum functionality in minimum width as well as promoting scalability with its modular structure. Therefore, you can implement safety technology faster, with greater flexibility and more efficiently, while saving space.

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