Modularity provides a mobile safety solution

By incorporating these safety features, HT Robotics not only addresses the need for access control but also prioritizes the safety of operators and the surrounding environment. The combination of access control, flexible area monitoring, and a modular safety relay contributes to a holistic safety concept, assuring customers that the mobile workstation is designed with both efficiency and safety in mind. This approach aligns with industry standards and regulations while providing a flexible and productive solution for loading CNC machines in diverse manufacturing environments.

The additional information provides a more detailed understanding of the safety and operational features integrated into HT Robotics’ mobile workstation:

  1. Access Control System (PITreader S):
    • Function: Regulates access to the mobile workstation, ensuring that only authorized operators can control its functions.
    • Benefits: Prevents critical situations and potential misuse, enhancing overall safety and security.
  2. Roles and Permissions:
    • Maintenance Engineer: Authorized for manual interventions.
    • Supervisor: Can create codes and production sequences.
    • Operator: Has the capability to start or stop the production cycle.
  3. Flexible Area Monitoring:
    • Safety Laser Scanner (PSENscan):
      • Function: Monitors the area around the mobile workstation.
      • Response to Operator Presence: If an operator approaches, PSENscan identifies the presence and communicates with the system to adjust the speed of the collaborative robot (cobot).
      • Dynamic Speed Control: The cobot slows down when an operator is nearby, ensuring safe interaction.
      • Full Speed Restoration: Once the workspace is clear, the cobot returns to full speed.
  4. Safety Relay (myPNOZ):
    • Function: Controls the safety functions, including those related to the safety laser scanner (PSENscan).
    • Benefits: Quick and simple to use for evaluating safety-related signals and ensuring a rapid response to changes in the environment.
  5. Holistic Safety Concept:
    • Objective: HT Robotics provides a comprehensive safety concept for the mobile workstation.
    • Guarantee of Productivity: The holistic safety approach ensures that safety measures do not compromise productivity when loading CNC machines.

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