Industrial security for industrial plants

The objective of industrial security is to guarantee the availability of plant and machinery and the integrity and confidentiality of machine data and processes. Attackers often use existing weaknesses to penetrate control networks or disrupt processes. To prevent attackers accessing the control network, potential weaknesses must be detected and remedied promptly. If attackers manage to exploit a weakness, this may have devastating consequences for the company. These range from production standstill to a risk to humans if safety measures are manipulated in a targeted way. The application firewall SecurityBridge prevents this. Within the control network, connections between the diagnostic or configuration tools and the controllers are protected from manipulation, enabling secured connections to the outside world. The data is transferred almost without delay. You can use the access permission system PITreader to safeguard your plants from unauthorised access. With PITreader and the related RFID transponder keys you can control access permissions reliably and individually to your specifications and requirements.

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