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In summary, HT Robotics, as part of the Protech Group, stands out as a well-established player in the industrial automation sector, providing a wide array of services that cover the entire spectrum of project development, from conceptualization to implementation. Their emphasis on collaborative robots, innovation, and comprehensive project support positions them as a valuable partner for companies seeking advanced automation solutions.

It’s impressive to learn that HT Robotics is part of the Protech Group, bringing more than 25 years of experience to the field of industrial automation, industrial process control, and the creation of automatic systems, particularly those involving collaborative robots. The company’s diverse range of offerings covers various aspects of the automation and robotics industry, showcasing a comprehensive set of services. Here are some key highlights based on the information provided.

HT Robotics is a company belonging to the Protech Group, with more than 25 years’ experience in the various fields of industrial automation, industrial process control and the creation of automatic systems with the help of collaborative robots. Its offer ranges from technical advice for feasibility studies and the development of innovative projects, to the design and development of automation and robotics applications, through to process simulations and rapid component prototyping.

Overall, this solution not only addresses the operational efficiency of loading CNC machines but also prioritizes the safety of operators and the overall work environment. It reflects a forward-thinking approach in industrial automation, where both productivity and safety are paramount.


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